Our mission is to ensure quality education and experience for all students across Asia. Through in-depth research and persistent efforts of creating a blueprint for successful educational institutions, GPTS is aggressively moving towards bringing a significant change in the sphere of education. We measure student satisfaction levels on 7 key performance indicators, through robust technology, which in turn helps universities, colleges and schools to get a detailed understanding of their standards and practices. Our objective is to motivate educational institutions to maintain high standards, helping them earn a badge of honour and to receive recognition on national and international platforms.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Learning Experience

Valuable learning experiences can shape a child’s future; hence it is vital that students get guidance and support that can help them steer their careers in the right direction. Good student-teacher relationship can lay the foundation for the students to become responsible citizens.


A good learning environment is directly related to a good student experience on campus. KPIs give universities a roadmap to identify and understand areas of improvements in infrastructure like ensuring students have access to good libraries and updated courses among others.

Life on Campus

Education institutes need to provide a safe and thought-provoking environment for students. They need to ensure that children have an opportunity to explore their academic, social and extracurricular interests.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Emphasis on extra-curricular activities is vital to a child’s overall growth. Special programmes initiated by the school/college can help students to explore their interests and become life-long learners.

Happiness Factor

Happy students make a happy school. Student happiness factor is fundamental to establishing children as future leaders. Happy students are more engaged and interested in changing the future of the country for the better.

Parent Surveys

Constant improvements in the student’s school experience can be only made possible with surveys and accurate assessments. Parents can offer useful insights about how their child feels about studying in the institution. It can give institutions the guidelines that lead to better teacher-parent involvement in a student’s daily life.

How it works?

SSI by GPTS is a revolutionary system that takes students’ feedback and converts it into useful analytics which in turn helps institutions understands their USP’s and capitalise on them. It acts like a manual for institutions that can be used to ensure key areas of improvement are realised and fine-tuned.

Survey for Students

Select a 1 to 2-week period to launch the online Student Satisfaction Index (SSI) which is a web-app with a great user interface and a set of helpful questions based on the pre-defined key indicators. This survey helps determine the happiness quotient among the students.

Survey for Parents

Parents are also requested to participate in the survey, and this step helps the school to understand the parental concerns and work towards further enhancing the students’ experience. It focuses on bringing parents into the fold and ensures that the institute adopts positive measures.

Analysis Report

On the completion of the report, the industry experts provide the school with a detailed analysis and a comparative study on areas of improvement. The analysis report offers a plan of action that focuses on creating an ideal education model.

Final Score

After considering all the Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) of an education institute, a panel of specialists calculates the final score based on student feedback. The score is determined by the overall happiness quotient of the students in all key sectors of the institution.

Report and Insights

The answers provide a unique insight into the institute’s practices and policies. The questions designed by educationists, marketing professionals and data scientists focus on the overall satisfaction quotient of the students.

Certification Award

Schools/universities that score well in the student satisfaction survey are honoured with the Great Place to Study certificate at a prestigious annual event at the House of Commons, London. The certification ceremony features an exclusive guest list that includes top academicians, educationists, ministers, Lords and business barons from India and the UK.

“Don’t let success determine your happiness when you can let happiness determine your success.”

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